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Jenny Brockmann

Studio Building
Studio Interior
Studio Location
Out of Balance, 2012, Installation
Out of Balance, 2012, Installation
Shy Room, 2010, Wood, Motor, Sensor, 78 x 78 inches
Wonderland, 2011, 2-Channel-Video
Chronicle of a Place, 2014, mixed media
Artist's Statement

Jenny Brockmann develops a dialogue between personal experience, social/political themes, and the space where they intersect. Brockmann immerses herself in an architectural space, either pre-existing or created, and works with materials and forms that adapt to and modify the space. Her interventions aim to create a dialogue, tension and ambiguity between the sensual and industrial qualities of the space. She researches natural forms and processes and the function of human and social behaviors in a variety of different media. Through performances, Brockmann explores her personal psychological and physiological borders in order to transfer them into a space and create elaborate compositions for her investigations.


Jenny Brockmann (born 1976, Berlin) has exhibited internationally in solo and group exhibitions including Manege, St. Petersburg; Museo de Arte de El salvador, San Salvador; Nordart, Rendsburg; Kasko, Basel; St. Pancras, London; Gallery Gerken, Berlin; Museo para la identidad Nacional, Tegucigalpa and Haus am L├╝tzowplatz, Berlin.