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Jennifer Sullivan

Studio Interior
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Studio Location
A karaoke-inspired music video collaboration between Andrew Steinmetz and myself, featuring a cover version of "Sexual Healing."
Excerpts from It's a Process: Episode 3, my ongoing live talk show series, with special guests Brina Thurston and Rachel Mason.
Artist's Statement

Jennifer Sullivan is an interdisciplinary artist who utilizes seemingly anecdotal narrative language, amateurish aesthetics, and humor as a screen for presenting serious meditations on the role of the individual in culture, and contrastingly, the effect of a culture on the individual. Working across a variety of disciplines including video, performance, installation, and painting, Sullivan grafts together inspirations drawn from television, narrative film, memoir, fashion and popular music into conceptually sophisticated works of art that balance a sensibility of vulnerability and tenacity, sentimentality and the absurd.


Jennifer Sullivan has exhibited and performed widely, at venues such as The Kitchen, PS1 Contemporary Art Center, the NADA Emerging Artist Party, Klaus von Nichtsaggend Gallery, the New Museum, Raid Projects, Telic Arts Exchange and Okay Mountain. Her work was recently included in the Younger than Jesus Artist Directory published by the New Museum. She lives and works in Brooklyn, NY.