Jennifer Formica

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Studio Location
Lily Ovulary Megasprocyte
Moth Wings Study #4
Butterfly and Moth Wings Study #3
Female Pine Cone
Artist's Statement

My art process runs the gamut of analog view camera to microscopic digital capture. Through these different processes I am able to magnify, document and abstract an unseen hidden world of complex forms, textures and bright vibrant colors. I am interested in how color, pattern, texture, and form of a living organism play a role in the natural selection process, an underlying silent code of visual signals. My work explores mating, camouflage, natural selection, seduction and the inevitability of decay.


Jennifer Formica is a visual artist living in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. She was born in Hartford, Connecticut. Her color photographs and digital imagery have been exhibited in solo and group exhibitions in galleries and museums throughout the United States and internationally. Jennifer is currently an Adjunct Professor of Photography and Digital imaging at Dowling College & York College CUNY. For more information please visit