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Jen Wink

Studio Building
Studio Interior
Studio Location
Sixteen (2013), Jen Wink, 22.5" x 30.5" gouache on paper
The Way I See (2013), Jen Wink, 30.5x44" gouache on paper
The World Not Visible (2012), Jen Wink, 38"x49.5", gouache and mixed media on paper
You Don't Have To Shine (2013), Jen Wink, 41" x 60" - gouache on paper
Me, In Stitches (2013), Jen Wink, 10"x13" gouache on paper
Artist's Statement

I am fascinated by the movements of a group—a shoal of fish, a flock of birds, black-friday shoppers, a fleet of ships cutting through the ocean—the spacing and fluctuation of a collective in motion. I like to play with dispersement as if the individual forms are responding to an unseen force such as gravity, entropy or social pressure.

And while my main inspiration is the natural world, my vocabulary of colors and forms are most often anything but. I intentionally use the kind of forms that would be more accurately generated by a computer program or a machine. And my preferred palette of colors is, well, as unnatural as they come. But part of my job in creating this work is to disrupt expectation – to leave wonky imperfection and evidence of human toil where there really needn’t be any. It is this bigger story of the dynamic tension between man and nature, between science and art, that fuels my work.


Jen Wink was born and raised in Bath, Maine and studied art at Barnard College. In addition to her work as an artist, Jen co-founded the Blue School, an independent school and educational movement based in lower Manhattan. She also founded and served as creative director of NYC design firm, Utility Design. She lives and works in New York City and is the proud mother of two beautiful children.