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Jen Scott

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Studio Interior
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Artist Jen Scott Horse 13b Version 2
Artist Jen Scott Fitting In 2a
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Artist Jen Scott Gallery Display
Artist Jen Scott Taker detail (d)
Artist's Statement

Jennifer Scott
Artist Statement
In the last ten years, living on a nature preserve has had a profound visual effect on my work. After living in seclusion for some time, I began a series of paintings and sculptures initially inspired by feelings and imagery experienced there. These influences were coupled with my already established love of Baroque art, religious subject matter, and Greek myth. At this time I also began to aggressively explore the use of alternative, often organic, materials like wax, tar, wood, and fabric, to achieve a more elemental and tactile connection with the work. The exploration of ideas about memory, history, and the passage of time have become an important part of this process.


Jen Scott hails the process of building, weathering, eroding and layering as important to a work's identity -- it creates a history that can be traced, investigated, and experienced.

Traditional painting techniques, mixed-media arrangements, and a unique brand of organic art highlight Jen's most popular works. Inherently separate, yet inextricably related, each piece is a statement in itself and at the same time part of the larger idea.

Warm colors coupled with smooth aesthetics subvert the qualities most important in Jen's work- contradiction, repression and resolve.