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Jen Durbin

Studio Building
Studio Interior
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Studio Location
Sliver, 2010-11 The section of Colonial house has been fractured into five equal parts and fanned out on an axis.
realized to the scale of an actual two-story house the staircase would become climbable.
Shown the original straight staircase's transformation into a spiral or "Master" staircase.
Aether, Aether is a life-size replica of a bank of theatre seating, made entirely of vinyl.
chair detail, Installed bathed in light, its reflective qualities lend themselves to being seen in person or thru motion camera.
Artist's Statement

My work places 4D moving memories back into 3D physical space. Often architectural in nature, it sifts through the uncanny spatial structure of recollection. And holds the notion that a deeper sense of spaciousness is possible beyond the visible.


After finishing at Yale, I moved to Brooklyn and got a job 'behind the camera' - first as a scenic artist and eventually in the art department. My sculpture work has a behind the scenes ethic to it - and being a sponge, I knew if I had to work full-time I also had to feed my art and eyes.

I eventually began to build out an art studio business , known as the Milk Factory, so I could afford the amount of space my sculpture required and still stay in NY.
This business allowed me to work at my scenic jobs less and on my art more.

Eventually the art studio biz branched out and I built my own film/photo/tv stages out of a turn-of-the-century warehouse.

I learned quickly at Yale that the smaller the studio, the smaller my sculptures - and my own dream was to sculpt at an architectural scale. So voila. Horse meet cart. Cart meet Horse.