Jaynie Crimmins

Studio Building
Studio Interior
Studio Location
External Factor 1: 2014, Shredded household mail, thread, over armature, 8"x8"x6 1/2"
detail, External Factor 1
Untitled - in process: 2014, Shredded household mail, thread, over armature, varying dimensions
Totem 1: 2014, Shredded household mail, thread, over armature, 3’ H x varying widths and depths
Manifold 3: 2014, shredded household mail, thread over armature mounted on cradled board, 6” x 6” x approx. 8” D
Artist's Statement

My practice encourages scrutiny of my values and behavior, examining and re-arranging what is frequently dismissed as trivial.

Inspired by the handiwork and frugality of my grandmother, whose home decor was arranged around rugs she crocheted from strips of rags, I shred my junk mail, and then scrupulously sew the shreds together into discrete units.

Each rag my grandmother used contained its own history. My household mail in the form of catalogs, letters, financial statements and solicitations arrives with it’s own narrative about why it is being mailed to me.

Dense clusters reflect the appearance and structure of marine ecosystems which provide hiding places and habitats for many organisms. The forms I create obscure and become home to information about how I am perceived by society while representing my personal participation in it.


Born in Brooklyn, NY, Jaynie Gillman Crimmins currently lives in NYC. - her studio is in Bushwick. She was an art educator for over 20 years.

She is proud to be volunteering with Arts in Bushwick's High School Fellows Program. The volunteers in this program are committed, creative and amazingly organized people. Crimmins assists in providing art mentoring and workshops for High School students in the community.

Parallel Botany, curated by Lori Field
Hrönir: Un-Lost Things: curated by Hazel Lee Santino, BFB, Brooklyn, NY
Exchange Rates: invitational, Arts in Bushwick, Brooklyn, NY
Echo Art Fair: curated by Christopher Stout, Bushwick Art Crit Group, Buffalo, NY
Meeting Past: curated by Bibiana Mathesis, Akins Library and Museum, Pawling, NY
Mailbox: curated by Didi Dunphy, The Weave Shed at Hambidge Creative Residency, Rabun Gap, GA