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Jason Laning

Studio Building
Studio Interior
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To establish the kind of peace that results from the elimination of the . . . (acrylic on canvas) 31 x 40in, 2015
The kind of chaos resulting from a temporary lack of . . . (ink and acrylic on paper) 2016
They became dissatisfied with symbolic gestures, no longer wanting to . . . (acrylic on canvas) 25 x 30 in, 2015
Eager to differentiate friend from foe, an unrelenting search for reciprocated hostility. (acrylic on canvas) 38 x 53 in, 2014
And the lasting melancholy for the viewer when those well-developed critiques, intended to . . . (ink and acrylic on paper) 2016
Artist's Statement

I combine politically-charged text with drawing, painting, and other media in order to critique social, economic, and political systems of domination, and to explore methods for advancing radical social change. I collect photographs from government databases, magazine advertising, and stills from tv and film, and use them as catalysts for painted responses. By also incorporating invented fragments of conversation and captions, I repurpose these found images towards a direction that is often the exact opposite of their original intent. Through this process of aestheticizing the political, I aim to support radical social movements and contribute to the dialogue among creative and activist communities regarding the abusive tendencies of our systems of power—especially those patterns of behavior that serve interests that are either unintended or deliberately obscured—and to pursue effective strategies for achieving positive alternatives.


Jason Laning is an artist, writer, and activist based in Brooklyn, NY. He holds an MA in studio art from New York University, and has exhibited widely in both New York and California. His writing has appeared in Z Magazine, Waging Nonviolence, Gothamist and numerous blogs, and his political activism has included working with the War Resisters League, the National War Tax Resistance Coordinating Committee, Witness Against Torture, and others.