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Jason Borbay

Studio Building
Studio Interior
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Studio Location
Portrait of the Artist as a Not So Young Man | 36”X48” | 2010 | Collage and Acrylic on Canvas | http://ti
Eustace Tilley & the Rare Three Term Change | 18”X24” | 2010 | Collage and Acrylic on Canvas |
NY Post, Andy and Classic Vegas | 18”X24” | 2010 | Collage and Acrylic on Canvas |
Woolworth From WhenTech | 30”X30” | 2009 | Acrylic on Canvas |
Neil’s Coffee Shop | 24″X24″ | 2006 | Mixed Media on Canvas
Artist's Statement

I spend each waking moment capturing Gotham on canvas, and sharing the mesmerizing experience through social media. To date, I have painted cherished New York landmarks, including The Guggenheim, Woolworth Building, Elaine’s, Chrysler Building and the Brooklyn Bridge. Process has become more significant than a “means to the end” – it is as critical as the destination. From location prospecting, to planning, to sketching, to painting, to completion and beyond, I have shared each step of the journey on my blog, Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook accounts. Art plus social media is the new frontier, and I intend to be at the forefront.


Borbay’s professional career began as a graphic designer in Boston, immediately followed by a six month stint on low-budget reality TV. Having saved some green whilst acting the fool, Borbay moved to Manhattan with his friend the art dealer, and spent 2003-04 as a stand-up comedian and producer. Stumbling home down Fifth Avenue on night, his friend Rory gestured upward saying “I know someone who need someone in this big black building.” 24 hours later, he was interviewed and hired at The Trump Organization. After nearly two years of wheeling and dealing in development, he moved on to an advertising recruiting firm. From there, Borbay landed a job at an interactive advertising firm, where he started out as a recruiter and pr guy, and quickly worked his way up to Business Director. Today, Borbay is a professional location artist, who works and resides in the Upper East Side of Manhattan with his acupuncturist/herbalist girlfriend.