Janine Gordon

Studio Building
Studio Interior
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Studio Location
"Plant your Feet on the Ground" Silver Gelatin print 43"x58"
"Death Obsession" diptych 2005 C-prints 30"x58"
"Fort Hood, Operation Rescue,"9 C-Prints 78"x108
"Special Forces" 2009 C-Print 40"x50"
"The Real Deal" C-Print 30"x40" 2005
Artist's Statement

I am a multimedia artist whose focus is on risk-taking & thrill-seeking in various subcultural factions in society. From the ecstatic desire which inspires people to throw themselves in passionate rages of mosh pits to the fascination of pseudo sexual motorcycle stunts, to the rugged lifestyle of gangs of Brazilian glue-sniffers, the underlying essence is the element of "bonding" within each of the specific subcultures and the experience of living life on the edge.
From Swarovski crystals collages of words and symbols (based on “Ice” culture, diamond jewlery), gun drawings to photographs of New York - Brazilian gangsters, glue sniffer kids, Hip Hop legends, mosh pits and tattooed youth, comprises the examination of the metaphors imploring power, death, fear, hate and shock


Janine Gordon is an artist living in Brooklyn, New York. BFA Cooper Union MA NYU
2002 Whitney Biennial, Palais de Tokyo, SFMOMA, MAMCO, Dartmouth ad the Hammer collection.
Galleries- Galerie Volker Diehl, Berlin, Kamel Mennour Paris, Elga Wimmer NYC, Refusalon, SF, MV Projects Zurich
extended CV and website http://thing.net/~janine/Site/CV.html