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Jamour Chames

Studio Building
Studio Interior
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Studio Location
'Jamour Chames' Photo by Joe Zakko
'Jamour Chames' Photo by Joe Zakko
'Girl All Over the World: London' Jamour Chames, Acrylic on Canvas
'Girl All Over the World; Paris' Jamour Chames, Acrylic on Canvas
'Between Stops' Jamour Chames, Acrylic on Canvas
Artist's Statement

I love listening to music- songs are more than just vocals and a fusion of sounds; they hold a deep sentiment in our lives. There are some songs that get you through those tough moments in life, some that empower you, some that make you happy. I want my paintings to touch the lives of others the way music has influenced mine.
My work creates a dialogue that inspires and uplifts people. My works are a vehicle which allows me to send my message to the world. I’ve always focused on the bright side to every situation, consciously building visuals with positive imagery. Even if I’m combating a negative force, I understand the power of visuals and therefor am cognizant of what I create. If people are elevated after experiencing my art, then I've done my job. 


Born in 1989 in Covington, Kentucky, Jamour Chames is an American Contemporary Artist. Chames' began his career as a commerical artist, going by the alias 'The Branding Artist™ . 'The Branding Artist™' houses all of his commercial design and brand dealings, which he keeps completely separate from his fine artwork. His commercial design work has been nationally published and televised on the National Geographic Channel, Macy's, Lifetime, TNT, The Biography Channel, Complex Magazine, A&E Television, and TV Guide Network. "Art is my passion and I want to change the world with it," says Chames. His fine art is very conceptual, striving to positively impact the viewer. Chames currently resides and works in New York City.