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Jamie Jensen

Studio Building
Studio Interior
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Studio Location
She speaks of poetry: 2010 Clay grog, stone, black iron, butterflies 5' diameter installation
Phoenix rising: 2009 Ceramic, paint, stain, silver, gold leaf 25"h 23"w 20"d
Family: 2009 Ceramic, silver, bronze, stains 22"h 15"w 15"d
Chimeras: 2010 Clay grog, stone, black iron 12"h 26"w 10"d each
Conversation: 2009 Ceramic, bronze, copper, silver, paint, stain, patina 8' diameter installation with sound
Artist's Statement

Human imperfection in all its iterations is the re-occurring theme of my work.
Society prizes superficial beauty. My sculptures prove that the reverse is true.
The way we now choose to communicate increases the need for art to make a visceral connection.
Each sculpture strives to tell a story of pain, fear, and hope through a multi dimensional engagement with its audience.
Clay, soft, sensually tactile, and a primal element of art throughout history, is my base material.
Each coil built piece is assembled, layer by layer, I create movement in the piece by manipulating the sculpture whilst still pliable.
The fired sculpture is coated with stone then carved, sanded & hand polished. Other surface finishes combine liquid metals, stains & paint.
By cutting through the surface layers, I am able to deepen the emotional context of the piece.


242 E. 19th St. Apt.4D
New York, NY 10003
Cell: 949.463.6954
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California State University Fullerton, Fullerton California
Batchelor Arts & Science

University of California Irvine, Irvine California

California State University San Marcos, San Marcos California

Fullerton College, Fullerton College
Associate of Arts


2008 Jane Hartsook Gallery, New York

2007 Jane Hartsook Gallery, New York

2006 Jane Hartsook Gallery, New York

2005 Laguna Beach Arts Festival, California

2004 Laguna Beach Arts Festival, California


2004 Best New Artist Laguna Beach Art Festival

Selected by the Board of The Happy Hearts Foundation as Project Artist 2006


2004-2009 Artist Sculptor

1993-2008 CFP Certified Financial Planner