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James Walton Fox

Studio Building
Studio Interior
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Studio Location
Song (part 1), 2011, oil on linen, 92 x 80 inches
Song (part 3), 2011, oil on linen, 92 x 80 inches
Magellanic Cloud Fragment #5, 2011, oil on birch panel, 48 x 40 inches
Crossing #8, 2012, oil, graphite on wood, 48 x 36 inches
James Walton
Artist's Statement

My work is a continual attempt to erase the boundary between Human Nature and The Environment.

I see Poetry as the fundamental source of habitable reality and a symbol of the ordering dynamics of creation. Poetry is a symbol of the beautiful mystery of breath.

It is the province of art to integrate the moral perfections and the commodified labor of humankind into a tangible emotional experience of Nature.

The work of the artist is to balance these labors into an experience of contemporary eternity, whereby everyone, the initiate and the novice alike, may touch the pure unity of life.

I speak of Nature not as the antithesis of humanity, but Nature as Dante's "love that moves the stars." : Nature as Emerson's "sanctity that shames our religions, and reality that discredits our heroes" : Nature as Buddha Nature.



b. 1969 Summit, NJ

Hobart College 1991
Naropa University 2000

2011 “Primo Centro”Trentenale di Merigar, Arcidosso, Italy, (curated by Alessandra Bonomo)
2011 “How Soon Is Now ?” (w/Sonam Dolma Brauen), Tria Gallery, New York, NY
2011 “James Walton Fox”, Sixty-One Main Gallery, Andes, NY
2011 "New York, New York", Kayo Projects, Yokohama, Japan
2010 “The Radiance”, Poets House, Manhattan, NY (solo)
2010 "Changeless Nature", Martin-Mullin Gallery, State University of New York, Oneonta,
2010 "James Walton Fox", Sixty One Main Gallery, Andes, NY
2009 "James Walton Fox", Sixty One Main Gallery, Andes, NY
2008 "Eros", Treadwell Museum of Fine Art
2007 "Disasters of War",Treadwell Museum of Fine Art
2005 "Land Mind", Kunga Arts, Barcelona, Spain