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James Rose

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Artist's Statement

My art reflects the transpiration of my surroundings. I draw and paint individuals and crowds set in an urban environment. I paint the people on the trains and the multicultural situations that I see everyday. I find these interactions fascinating. These paintings and drawings also bring in the element of time, I explore movement and travel in seconds and minutes with my sketch pad and charcoal while riding the subway. I capture a moment while someone is in transition from one place to another, with only a few minutes before the situation completely changes. It is how the individual comes to terms with environment through transition in time. The daily commute becomes something else, turning the repetitive familiar into something trans formative.


James Rose was born in Catskill, NY, April 29th, 1972. Rose was then raised in Kinderhook, New York until going to college in Portland, Maine in 1990. He graduated from the Maine College of Art in 1994, and moved to San Francisco in 1995. In San Francisco, Rose worked as an artist and in the nightlife industry. He produced and participated in many artful events. He showed in the California College of Art and at the XYZ Bar in the Hotel W. To be closer to family and plan a move to NYC he returned to Upstate, NY in 2006 and in 2008 moved to NYC. James has shown in NYC at the Gilles Larraine Art Salon, Essential Music and Art Show, The Gallery Bar, The New York Public Library, Ico Sherridan Gallery and the Greenpoint Gallery. He paints in a studio in Brooklyn and lives in Queens.