james hyde

Studio Building
Studio Interior
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Studio Location
view of Unbuilt at Southfirst Gallery. works are of composed of various materials--on photographic prints, 2005-09
view of Reformation at Satelite FDC. LOUIS & LIGHT 2005, TABLE OF DAYS, 2005
view of Reformation. RECLINE 2009, GLOW TABLE, METAL CHAIRS & CHAISE, 1997-09, BANDED HANDLE, 2001
view of 4 Compositions from the Stuart Davis Group, Rutgers. WITH-IN (DAVIS) 2008, BIG SAMPLE (DAVIS) 2006
AROUND THE BLOCK 2005, 30"x43", paint & studio sweepings on archival inkjet print
Artist's Statement

During the 30-plus years I've been painting in NYC a central interest has been the material of painting-- not so much what the material of painting is, but what it can be-- wood, glass, plaster, fabric, concrete, nylon, chrome, steel, plastics, photographs and even... paint ( ! )-- often home-brewed pigments & binders-- have constituted my paintings. Over the years I've made paintings in numerous formats, reimagining paintings as glass boxes, frescos on styrofoam, pillows, handles, shelves, chandeliers, mobiles, chairs and tables.
Beginning in 2003 I have increasingly used photographic prints (of photos I've taken) as supports for my painting. Painting over photos emphasizes the materiality of the photographic surface and provides me with technical and imagistic place to paint. As I've become more familiar with the camera I've come to think of it as a room-- an extra studio-- where I can think and look out on to the world.


I have shown in numerous galleries and museums in the US & Europe— last year solo shows included Unbuilt at Southfirst Gallery in Brooklyn, Reformation at Satellite FDC in Brussels and 4 Compositions from the Stuart Davis Group at Rutgers University. Last year my paintings were featured and/or discussed in The Brooklyn Rail, The New Yorker, NYT, Time Out, Dossier Journal, updownandacross.com, jameswagner.com, Libre Belgique and Art in America.

This spring DAP will distribute a recent monograph.

A more detailed bio is available at www.jameshyde.com