Jake Messing

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Studio Location
Party Boat, 2009 - Mixed Media on Canvas 157 x 109 cm / 62 x 43 in
The Divine Madman, 2010 - Mixed Media on Canvas 107 x 157 cm / 42 x 62 in
Work Horse, 2010 - Mixed Media on Canvas 191x 152cm / 91 x 152 in
Rude Awakening, 2010 - Mixed Media on Canvas 165 x 114 cm / 65 x 45 in
Exodus, 2009 - Mixed Media on Canvas 157 x 109 cm / 62 x 43 in
Artist's Statement

My work is deeply rooted in drawing and painting. Layers and textures are built up, torn down and obscured repetitively, constantly changing the original intention into something completely different, yet perfectly attune to what I feel. There is a play between growth and decay both in terms of imagery, text, and media. I take depictions of scenes, objects, and people around me and recast them as visual metaphors within larger works that speak of psychology, and the struggles of life. My work, instead of providing a distinct conclusion, operates more as a catalyst for questions, discourse and ways of seeing.



Jake Messing was born in Northern California in 1982. He works in a wide variety of media, ranging from silkscreen to pen and ink to paint and collage. He graduated from Parsons School of Design in May 2006. Messing's work has been shown in galleries and art fairs across the US, Canada and Europe. He has been invited to lecture at numerous prestigious universities and design studios. Messing recently returned from a two-month residency at CAMAC Center D’Art in France preparing work for his most recent and present solo show. He presently lives and works in Brooklyn, New York.