Jaimie Warren

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Self-portrait as woman in Les Demoiselles d'Avignon by Pablo Picasso/Online Deceptions by MommaBird
Self-portrait as Pretzel Rod Stewart by breadpeople (Celebrities as Food Series)
That’s What Friends Are For: Self-portrait as Christ/Missy Elliot, re-creation of Fra Angelico’s Predella
Self-portrait as Boy George/Self-Portrait as Ralph Wiggum
You Are Not Alone: Self Portrait as Michael Jackson in a recreation of the Genealogical Trees of the Dominican Order, Part 1/3
Artist's Statement

In my practice, I create parodies of characters and sets pulled from Internet memes, pop culture, and art history. The work expands on traditions of staged self-portraiture, B-horror movies, high school plays and turn of the century silent films, and focuses more specifically on how identity is performed in both contemporary and art historical contexts. Each construction is a cross-pollination of art history, pop culture, and Internet, portraying a range of likenesses, from Phil Spector and Lil’ Kim to Santa, Yoda, Picasso’s ‘Les Demoiselles d’Avignon’, and an artichoke, thus leveling the discursive playing field in matters of race and gender fluidity, the politics of satire, and the pervasive influence of a media-driven celebrity culture.


Jaimie Warren is a photographer and performance artist living in Brooklyn, NY. She is the 2014 recipient of the Baum Award for an Emerging Photographer, and has had a solo artist monograph published by Aperture (New York). Warren has exhibited at numerous galleries and museums, with solo exhibitions at The Hole and Higher Pictures (New York, NY), the Kemper Museum of Contemporary Art (Kansas City, MO), the Kennedy Museum (Athens, OH) and the Miami Dade College Museum of Art & Design. Warren is also Co-Creator/Co-Director of the faux public access television show "Whoop Dee Doo". Whoop Dee Doo has created commissioned projects for organizations including the Smart Museum (Chicago), Loyal Gallery (Sweden), the Time-Based Arts Festival/Portland Institute of Contemporary Art (Portland, OR), POP (Montreal, QC), the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts (Philadelphia, PA), The Contemporary (Baltimore, MD), and others.