Jacob Noori

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The outside of the piece, picture is meant to be upright
when opened, this is the inside, picture is meant to be upright
picture is meant to be upright
the bottom
the top
Artist's Statement

What I wanted to do with this piece of art was to represent something that is more than it seems. When a person regards a standpipe, the person must not think much of it (What is the significance of a standpipe?). But what I did here is I placed mostly eaten popcorn bags inside the standpipe--the last item someone would expect to find in a standpipe. Not only is the standpipe not empty, the popcorn bags are also not empty. I try to represent the limits of the human mind in judging something (or someone) as we first see it.


Jacob Noori
209.663.2950 – jan407@nyu.edu

Education New York University, New York, NY
Studying Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering, May 2018
Current GPA: 3.86

Lodi High School, Lodi, CA
High School Diploma, May 2014
SAT 2090; Overall GPA: 4.35 Rank: 9/498

Honors National Honor Society
Honor Roll Freshman-Senior
California Scholarship Federation Freshman-Senior

Experience Dr. Noori and Dr. Little’s offices, Lodi, CA
Medical Assistant Summers 2007-2014

Kumon Learning Center Lodi, CA
Tutor, Summer of 2013

Lodi High School Lodi, CA
Teacher’s Assistant to English Language teacher

Activities Traveled through Europe, Asia, and Northern America
Piano and vocal lessons for 11 years