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Jaanika Peerna

Studio Building
Studio Interior
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Studio Location
Mountain Wave Series, 5x5", wax pencil on mylar, 2009
Maelstrom Series, 18x18", wax pencil on mylar, 2009
Maelstrom Series, 36x36", wax pencil on mylar, 2009
Maelstrom Series, 18x18", wax pencil on mylar, 2009
Air dance Series, 10x13", wax pncil on mylar, 2009
Artist's Statement

I draw on a sheet of paper placed on floor  - I move around the paper and then mark down the lines and dots capturing the very moment at hand. No pre-made plans in my head. When drawing a line or dot my whole effort and attention is there at the tip of the pencil. By listening to the momentary sound the pencil makes on the surface, every drawing is the most truthful memory of the time taken up by the making of the drawing. There is no beginning or end, no top or bottom, no reference to the scale of it all. In the viewers’ eyes, ears and mind, the continuous movement of lines and dots on the surface offers many kinds of silence.


Jaanika Peerna works at the crossroads of digital and traditional media, often dealing with the themes of water, simplicity and silence.  She has an MFA in intermedia design from SUNY New Paltz, and she has worked as teaching artist at DIA Beacon and the Visual Thinking Strategies project of the Soros Foundation. Peerna has had solo exhibitions in New York and in Tallinn, Estonia, her native country.
 Her recent exhibitions include a drawing exhibit at the Galerie Lavignes Bastille in Paris and  H2O: Film on Water at the Mill, Newport,NH curated by Cynthia Reeves from Reeves Gallery in NYC.