J. Patrick Walsh 3

Studio Building
Studio Interior
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Studio Location
"Tuned Floor (Bobst Library)" Tunning Forks, Plexi-Glass Ramps, Wax Head
"Smoking Boots" Combat boots that burn opium insense
"Disiplines Disciple" canes and fraternity paddles
"Wax Ramps", Cast wax from thrift store candles
"Wax Wheels", Cast Wax Wheels adorned with sunglass lenses, beach stones, braides string and metal rings
J. Patrick
Walsh 3
Artist's Statement

My materials are an excess of fuel. Yet from these materials new meanings form as I use them in experiments continuously relating found, fabricated, and raw elements. I have been casting wax into ramps, wheels and heads from thrift store candles. I also use tuning forks, as an acknowledgement of the transfer of energy between the opposing forces of gravity and friction during performances. The act of tuning for me has been a synaesthetic development merging tonal composition with atonal sculpture. Also used in medicine and electronics, tuning forks are said to have a healing effect on humans and machines. I tune my objects to heal, balance, and test their opposing vibrations. Like the christening of a ship with champagne, using the tuning fork is a celebratory gesture of a new composition.


J. Patrick Walsh 3
Born, 1981 Tallahassee, Florida ; Lives Brooklyn, New York
The School of the Art Institute of Chicago, B.F.A., 2005
Keystone College, LaPlume PA, 2001-2002

Solo Exhibitions
Ultra Trad Lands, Elk Gallery, NY, NY
Endo Gainer, Booster and Seven, Chicago IL
Destination Zero, Everheart Museum, Scranton PA

Group Exhibitions
Mother, NYU Gallery, Barney Building
Trade Secrets, John Connelly Presents, New York NY
Zero is the Center, In collaboration with Siebren Versteeg Max Protetch, New York

Arab Drift / Tuned Endo P.S.1 Queens New York
Smoking Boots, Secret Whistler, D'Amelio Terras New York

Visiting Scholar, New York University NY
Contemporary Artists Center, North Adams MA

Artist as Publisher, New Yorker September 1st 2008