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J Carlos Pinto

Studio Interior
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Studio Location
1.25 x 2 meters. Acrilyc on Canvas. Colaborative w.M Gitin. 2005
Mona Recycled Metrocards. 50 x 70 cms. 2009
Lennon. Metrocards. Protest Fare Hikes. 2009 20x18"
Hunahpu e Ixbalanque. Recycled Metrocards40 x 20"
Mosaic Mural, Brooklyn 2009. 3 x 20 meters.
J Carlos
Artist's Statement

Recycle Project
Pinto’s art exudes confidence, energy and challenge. It draws one into a world of play, responsibility and seriousness. His legacy, as he sees it, is to be known as an artist who change's from Red to a Green Revolution .


Square One Gallery, Union Square, Manhattan.

Brooklyn Historical art Center. Williambsburg Brooklyn. James Penney Curator.

Latin Film Festival, Madison Square Garden, NYC.

American Indian The Return, Bienal.

The art of Recycling Mosaic. Rivendell School, Brooklyn.

Fusion Arts Museum, Manhattan.

Charas el Bohio, Street Scenarios, Howl Festival.

North/South of wich Border?
Essex street Manhathan.


Published in the Cover of some newspapers and art magazines like..

The Daily News Latino, 2002, 2004

Manhattan Times, October 2008

Arte News Magazine, Winter Edition 2009

Beyond Race, 2009