Ivette Zighelboim

Studio Interior
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Studio Location
Untitled (pair I/vulture), Oil on canvas, 38 ¼ x 30 ¼ in, 2007
Untitled (fox), Oil on canvas, 50 x 40 in, 2007
Untitled (tarsier), Oil on canvas, 56 x 44 in, 2007
Untitled, Oil on canvas, 14 x 11 in, 2008
Sleeping elephant, Oil on canvas, 9 x 4 ft, 2009
Artist's Statement

 Ivette Zighelboim paints isolated, creatures against hazy, dark backgrounds which disrupt any concrete perception of space in favor of a more ambiguous and ethereal environment. Her animals are imbued with a touch of fantasy, rendered uncanny and abstract while being fully grounded in reality. In confronting Zighelboims paintings the question arises in the mind of the viewer as to whom is watching whom, and whether or not one is intruding on a sacrosanct space.



Born 1979.  Caracas, Venezuela. Lives and works in New York City.