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Isa Benn

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Artist's Statement

Visual artists, through and through, with focus in all things mixed media, photo-collage and cinematography. The work submitted is entitled "Sixty Charisma Scented Blackbirds.” It is an exploration of life and love, with space and New York city as the backdrop. The life and times of an artist, recovering anorexic with a distorted take of reality and a mongrel background. This recent series has not yet been featured in any gallery/spaces. There are over 100 pieces in the collection.


Cannes Film Festival short film contender 2014
• Norman Jewison Award, best student film recipient 2013
• Bluecat/Greenburg Screenplay Competition Semi-Finalist 2014
• Reel World Top 20 Filmmakers to watch 2013
• Kodak Film Award for best Screenplay 2012
• Shaw Theatre Festival 2nd place winner, best stage play (co-writer) 2009
• Dramatic Arts Award for best stage play 2008
• Cobourg Gallery student showcase winner 2007
• Art Gallery of Ontario student showcase winner 2006

Isa Benn was born in Toronto Canada, raised internationally, and currently co-resides in Toronto and Brooklyn. She is a visual artist, screenwriter, and model aged 24.