Irvin Morazan

Studio Building
Studio Interior
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Studio Location
El Fantastico 20x24 Photograph 2010
Homage to a hungry Deity 20x24 Photograph 2009
Pupusa performance 2009
Orgasm whisperer performance 2009
El coyote 144x65x77 Sculpture 2009
Artist's Statement

I intertwine Pre-Columbian mythologies with contemporary issues that ascribe to abstract qualities of passage and traditions brought over by immigrants. I merge old and new players of Latin America into humorous performances, photographs and videos that blur the boundaries of culture and stereotypes. My performances often include wearing headdresses that mimic and distort pre-Columbian attire. I make fantastical staged portraits of imaginary Mayan deities that indulge in gluttony. Metaphorically I reference Hip-Hop culture, Illegal immigration, Shamanism and Junk food/ Latin Food. The value of history and theory and their relation to contemporary art is central to my process.


Born In El Salvador 1976

School of Visual Arts, New York, Bachelor of Fine Arts 2003
Awards/ Residencies
Skowhegan residency program 2009
Aljira emerge program 2005
Robert Mapplethorpe Award, Robert Mapplethorpe Foundation 2003

Selected Group Exhibitions

Museum OF Contemporary Native Arts, "I Didn’t Cross the Border, the Border Crossed Me", Santa Fe, New Mexico

Corridor Gallery Rush Arts, Dark Matter, Brooklyn, NY

Jersey City Museum, Hair Tactics, Jersey City, N.J.

Sudhaus, Berlin, Germany

Saint Cecilia’s Parish, Ecstatic. Brooklyn, NY

Museum of the Caribbean, GPPEM, Baranquilla Colombia

Marte Museum, Zonas de trueque, El Salvador

Bronx River arts Center, Bartered States, Bronx NY

Masur Museum, 46th, Monroe, LA

Exit art, The Labyrinth Wall: From Mythology To Reality, NY

Museum of anthropology and contemporary art, Arque/typos, Ecuador