Irvin Bomb

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Dirty Bombshell - Oil on clayboard - 12" x 16" © 2012
Mistress Alina - Graphite on clayboard - 6.25" x 8" © 2011
Morgan March & Destiny St. Claire - Oil on clayboard - 14" x 12" © 2013
Justine Kase & Sean McBride - Oil on clayboard - 13" x 12" © 2012
Jennifer - Oil on clayboard - 12" x 17" © 2001
Artist's Statement

Creating hand drawn representational images of what I am seeing onto a two-dimensional surface has been my life's work. In translating this experience into words, I would describe it as a chain of careful observations with each new one built upon the prior foundation. The experience is deeply meditative where the passage of time becomes the painting process. When rendering the sequences of interconnected shapes into the complex form of the female nude, it becomes paradoxically clear that maintaining the overall simplicity of the composition is what gives the piece its impact & lasting resonance. In summation, it is my aim to preserve the immediate impression of the model while in pursuit of defining some sliver of clarity from our observable world.


Irvin Bomb received his BFA in 1989 from The George Washington University.
GWU awarded artist Irvin Bomb the Morris Louis Painting Fellowship.

Irvin Bomb is the creator of the website, a site which exhibits Bomb’s fine art drawings & paintings of female nudes. In addition artist tutorials are offered with respect to drawing and painting.

Published Artist:
The Art of Irvin Bomb, 64 page full color paperback distributed by NBM Publishing.

Museum Collection:
Irvin Bomb was commissioned in 1991 to paint the portrait of president Teddy Roosevelt for the US. Naval Museum, located in Washington, DC.

To see more of Irvin Bomb's artwork please visit his website