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irene Gennaro

Studio Building
Studio Interior
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Studio Location
Cairo-Dream image-wood-oil paint-70x26x8in
Not Quite Bird-Dream Works Sr. 62x12x7in. wood-oil
Sanctuary-Ex-Votive Sr. 96x48x7in. wood-oil-alum.leaf
Sudan-Impermanence Sr. 22x22x7in. wood-oil-acrylic-stain
Ascending-Impermanence Sr. 25x10x3in. wood-plaster-oil pt.
Artist's Statement

A sculptor born and raised in New York City, Irene Gennaro works within an oeuvre that brings together elements of both nature and dream to create imaginative, lyrical wood carvings. Gennaro is the daughter of a Sicilian stone carver, an artistic legacy that founds her iconic imagery upon a tremendous technical skill. Her work is populated by transformed animals, symbols, human body parts and Goddesses, invoking both religious and mythological traditions.
In describing her creative process, Gennaro explained: “The sculptures I create arise from my dreams and or day dreams.
These images are I believe harvested from the subconscious. It is a method that surprises and delights me while generously nurturing my work.”
Three solo museum exhibitions has shown extensively across the U.S. and abroad. In 2006 she received the Abbey Mural Workshop Fellowship National Academy and School in New York.


Solo exhibitions; The Trenton City Museum, Wash. Co. Museum of Fine Art, Broadway Windows, Wash. Sq. Windows, 55 Mercer Gallery, Rhode Island School of Design and The Kentuck Museum. Elgin College. Sinclair College.
Residencies include: Greece and Quebec Ca. Fellowship recipient, The National Academy Museum's Mural Art Workshop Program. The Bronze Casting Award, Polich Art Works, NY.
Group exhibitions include: The Exquisite Corpse at Paul Robeson Galleries, Rutgers Un. / The Emily Harvey Foundation/ Otis College, Cal. / Queens Mus. of Art, NYC / Mobius Gallery, Boston, MA / The River Mill Gallery, NJ / Morehead St. University Ky./ Elon University, NC / The Noyes Museum of Art, NJ.
Permanent museum collections include: The Trenton City Museum, NJ, The Washington County Museum of Fine Art, MD, Hillwood Art Museum, NY, The United Nations & The Museum of Modern Art, NYC.