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Insil Jang

Studio Building
Studio Interior
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Studio Location
Tell Your Baby I'm Your Baby, Silkscreen Oil & Acrylic on Panel, 36x48, 2018
Your Favorite American Boy, Oil & Acrylic on Panel, 36x48, 2018
Untitled Family Portrait, Silkscreen Acrylic on Panel, 36x48, 2018
Untitled Self Portrait, Digital Print, 36x48, 2018
Enough, Etching, 18x24, 2017
Artist's Statement

While our splintered society claims to appreciate difference, it also discourages the actualization of minorities. By revealing our unique interiorities, I believe that beginning a conversation can fight the phenomenon of othering, and celebrate each other's differences. In my work, I embrace vulnerability and communicate the experience of self to address the fragmenting nature of race, gender, and cultural norms. I, a Korean-American woman, represent an under recognized margin of people--and a misunderstood strata of women. I live a mixed identity, who presents as ethnically Asian, and who is wholly indecipherable to many. As such, I use my intersectional existence to comment on certain realities: that the Asian figure (specifically, the female Asian figure) is not regarded as other female forms are; that Asian figures are distinct from Western neoclassical ones.


Insil Jang is a printmaker, painter, and performance artist living in Brooklyn, New York. Born in Seoul, Korea, raised in America, and educated at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, Jang has distinct and blended experiences guiding her work. While printmaking methods have primacy in her practice, painting and film have their respective places too; Jang ultimately wants to communicate succinctly--comprehensively--which she achieves through her procedural, ritualistic approach. In her work, Jang brings unity to her fragmented minority experience by employing equilibriums: she uses both the masculine and feminine as inspiration, and in that spirit, chooses materials that have opposing, complementary qualities. Jang’s work is layered, purposeful and a calculated presentation of interpersonal and societal complexities.