Ingrid Ludt

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Counterparts, cast paper and paint installation, 2013
Borderlines, pen and ink, 2013
Borderlines, pen and ink, 2013
Root Source, vine, plaster and paint, 2012
Similarity, cast paper, paint and varnish, 2013
Artist's Statement

My artistic practice explores the interconnectedness of the physical world and the creative process of art making. I seek to honor natural forms by reproducing them in a process that mimics natural cycles. I begin by creating mixed media drawings that are minimalist meditations on natural elements like roots and branches. I select one drawing as a map for a three-dimensional sculpture. I design the sculpture using forms modeled on natural elements (rocks in a stream) and create them using methods that mimic natural processes like erosion (rolling in water). The final installation is abstract yet organic, evoking the patterns of the physical world such as mold growing on bark, constellations of stars, or veins on a human hand. The intentional simplicity of the sculpture encourages viewers to contemplate the often-overlooked mysteries of the natural world.


Ingrid Ludt was born and raised in the Fingerlakes region of New York. She received her B.F.A./Honors in Design from Rochester Institute of Technology and her M.F.A. in Painting from SUNY Albany. Following graduate school she was an Associate Curator at The Fields Sculpture Park at Omi International Arts Center and taught Intermediate and Advanced Drawing at SUNY Albany. Ludt has been a Visiting Artist and Guest Lecturer at Berkshire Community College and Middlebury College. She was an Associate Fellow at Atlantic Center for the Arts and a Resident Artist at Dorland Mountain Arts Colony. Ludt has been the recipient of several awards from New York Foundation for the Arts. Her work has been featured in invitational group and solo exhibitions at galleries, museums, and universities throughout the country. She currently lives and works outside of Albany, New York.