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Indrikis Gelzis

Studio Building
Studio Interior
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Studio Location
We have a thing in common. Plaster, red carpet
We have a thing in common. Plaster, red carpet
"Lost in eyeshot" Photographs. "We have a thing in common". Wooden shelves, Metal moldings with measurements in millimetres.
"The Meeting". Car, road, Man, Woman.
"Specifying interpretations on a single individual"
Artist's Statement

I make my visions into reality, my ideas into artworks. Sometimes artwork comes first before the idea itself has been researched. First I like to explore the reality - what I see, what is my connection and visual horizon to certain object or situation. And then I like to imagine what is the perspective of the same object or situation in other person’s consciousness. In some cases, I expose fragmentary views and several realities on the same platform. The artwork as itself portrays transformation of everyday objects. For example, the placement of several objects can create delusional perspective of reality therefore questioning the reliability vision. These daily situations, which have been transformed in to objects, exhibited as sculpture or video documentation creates deceptive simplicity. The work erases a line between artistic exploration and the cause of its existence. Thereby! I believe that the wider range of meaning is created. T


2014 - Specifying interpretations on a single object (Unnoticable difference) Riga art space. Riga, Latvia
2013 - Blind sounds. Entrance gallery. Prague, Czech
2012 - The Meeting. Kim? VKN gallery. Riga, Latvia
2012 - Blind sounds. Kim? VKN gallery. Riga, Latvia
2011 - Lost in eyeshot. Cesis, Latvia