Igor Bogojevic

Studio Building
Studio Interior
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Studio Location
Metamorphosis,oil on canvas, 68x60 inches
After The Storm, oil on canvas, 70x55 inches
Alter Ego, oil on canvas, 52x72inches
The New Way, oil on canvas, 70x52inches
Relations, oil on canvas 79x59 inches
Artist's Statement

There are lot of equine corps I try to blend, interweaving in one compact form. That powerful motion of each individual body is suppressed in a form that determines a place for each of them. Some figures are recognizable, and some are interacting with other figures to create new structural forms. Separately, each of the elements are in movement, possessed with their own individual destinies. Together, they represent a sort of perpetuum mobile, expending its own energy, without beginning or end. My work speaks to archetypes and the elements related to our unconsciousness. In attempt to reveal our true repressed nature, it teeters between rational and emotional, discovering the power of protogenos, both intimate and erotic.


Igor Bogojevic is an artist from Montenegro based in New York City, He exhibited solo in Montenegro, Athens, Paris, and New York.