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Ignacio Soltero

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Studio Location
Harlem Circle
Harlem Float
Crotona Hand
Harlem Cookies
Artist's Statement

Brooklyn based, born and raised, photographer. Always had an interested in the photography since learning of the process at 11 years at day camp. 2 years later learn how to operate a manual film camera and develop B&W film in a dark room during early morning sessions in Junior HS. Mostly photographing school events and skateboard & bmx friends on the weekends. The passion for photography was short lived to the due the lack funds to own a camera. The spark got fuel again in college while studying Advertising Design. Fast forward a few years later, picking up a camera again to start documenting my mountain bike adventures throughout Brooklyn. With those photos forming a websites with friends documenting other mountain bikers in NYC. Using the those skills from shooting Action Sport photography has been applied to shooting DJs and dancers in clubs and events.


Event Coverage:
2009-Present, DMC NYC, Photographer
2008-Present, Tools of War "True School Park Jam Series" Photographer
2008-2009, Roc Raida's "Gong DJ Battle", Photographer
2007, X-Games, Photographer
2006-2008, King of New York BMX Contest, Photographer
2005-2008, Interbike Bicycle Convention, Photographer
2004-2006, Motorama Bike & Car Show, Photographer

Published Work:
2012, August 9,, Tools of War
2012, DMC USA Finals- Flyer
2011, DMC DVD, Ending Credit Photos
2010, DMC NYC Regionals- Flyer
2010, May 15, Village Voice- DMC
2009, Aug. 29, NY Times- DMC
2009, Virgin Mobile, First Dibs Artist, Kanye West
2009, Mar. 12, Bond Buyer
2009, Mar. 5, Bond Buyer
2008, Dec 4, Bond Buyer
2008, May 7, Bond Buyer
2007, Aug. 2, Bond Buyer
2007, Dec. 11, Bond Buyer
2001 - Present,