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Ideal Glass Gallery

Studio Building
Studio Interior
Studio Location
"Silks and Satins" - One of our latest project
"Sweatshop Boogie" - On going project
"The Purple Jester", 2013
"Days of a Dandy", 2013
Ideal Orkestra - Willard's Morgan's band
Ideal Glass
Artist's Statement

Ideal Glass is an New York-based art collective founded by performance artist and filmmaker Willard Morgan to shock, entertain, and transform. Collaborating with art-wear sculptor Uta Bekaia, visual artist Ayakamay, sound designer John Sully, editor Jessie Stead, the international team explores social activism, gentrification, sexual identity, and the slavery of debt-through live performance, sound recording and art video.


Willard Morgan is a comedian, songwriter and filmmaker born in New York City. Creating visually striking personas for the stage with word, music and performance, he also produces provocative music videos and film that explore his inner obsessions and the trends of the day. Over the years, he worked in collaboration with numerous artists, performed storytelling, exhibited photography, and is often seen as a street performer. He is the founder of the art collective Ideal Glass to expand his collaborative work.