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Hrvoje Slovenc

Studio Building
Studio Interior
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Studio Location
Untitled I (October Bliss) 2009 - 30x108in
Untitled VIII (Squeaky Clean) 2009 - 30x79in
Untitled II (Home Blessing) 2009 - 30x75in
Untitled X (It's a Girl) 2010 - 30x90in
Untitled XIII (Chinese Waterfall) 2010 - 30x100in
Artist's Statement

In the series Home Theater I am photographing domestic spaces in which sadomasochistic sex acts are taking place. Even though the images are of the actual lived-in spaces, they appear to be artificial-as if constructed as sets for a movie or a play.
I am interested in life as a form of theater. I am intrigued by the "scenes" that people construct in their homes with all their semiotic referents not just to their individual pleasures but also to the ones that are socially prescribed. By dividing the domestic and the performative spheres into separate photographic panels, I am ultimately questioning the notion of a traditional domestic space as something that is "authored" by us as individuals. After the sadomasochistic act is over and the "performers" step into the domestic space, the problem remains: Do we cease acting or do we merely exchange scripts? Does the traditional domestic space then become a performative space as well?


MFA, Photography, Yale School of Art (2010); MS, Biochemistry, University of Zagreb, Croatia (2000)

Hrvoje Slovenc is a Croatian photographer based in New York. He is a recipient of a London Photography Award, International Photography Award, Golden Light Award, Photography Now Award, Mortimer Hays-Brandeis Traveling Fellowship, BRIO grant and Alice Kimball English Traveling Fellowship. His photographs have been exhibited in the US, Europe and Asia, including Museum of Contemporary Photography Chicago, Museum of New Art Detroit, 2010 Art Chicago, and 2009 Pingyao International Photography Festival. Hrvoje’s work is included in permanent collection of the Museum of Contemporary Photography in Chicago.