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Howard Skrill

Studio Building
Studio Interior
Studio Location
Hatshepsut from Met
St. Elezar from Met
Triumph of Civic Virtue over Unrighteous - Green-Wood Cemetery
Bust of Edward Snowdon removed from Fort Greene Park in artist's apt
Trebonianus Gallus from Met
Artist's Statement

I am currently working on a book length pictorial monograph, Damnatio Memoriae [the Damning of Memory] where I combine drawing and text to explore the destruction and/or removal of public art for political reasons. The two attached pictures are absences that I have drawn from public artworks damned from memory in Queens, 5Pointz and the Triumph of Civic Virtue over Unrighteousness. Queens, particularly LIC which is the next neighborhood west from Woodside, where I spent a large period of my childhood, occupies a central place in my memories of damning. More information can be found on my blog, All of the images included were damned from memory.


I am an artist and the author of a variety of pictorial monographs that investigate the inconstancy and direct attempts to destroy memory. Principally, my work consists of drawing public monuments in plein air and as in the above, occasionally their absences, for the Anna Pierrepont Series. These works are then organized into pictorial essays that have been published in the last two years. I also teach studio arts and arts lecture at St. Francis College in Brooklyn and Essex County College in Newark. After Woodside, I moved to Park Slope Brooklyn where I currently reside with my wife and one of my adult children. I did not work at 5Pointz but its ghost occupies the centrality of my imaginings as it is now gone with the wind