Honza Zamojski

Studio Building
Studio Interior
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Studio Location
"ME", scratched on sand island {aprx. 10 x 20 m}, Vistula river in Warsaw, 2009
"Self-portrait"; 2 looped videos, drawings, mirror; 2010; made at the "Seeing New York", CCNY, curated by Marco Antonini
"My pieces"; paper + adhesive type; 38 x 27 cm; 2010
"Martin Creed's Hangover"; ready-made installation (parasite on Martin Creed "Work No. 701"); 2010
"Self-portrait"; ready-made installation; 2010
Artist's Statement

I create my works around a number of complementary notions, such as chance, order, repetition, temporariness. I like to find small things and point them out as key elements. I’m also intrigued by the process of discovering a work of art via personal experience, often via a chance encounter of the viewer with an object or a situation created by the artist. This is because I believe that the most vital matters can be spoken about in a simple language. In order to do this, one needs to avoid pathos and be honest. “To make it work, you need to make it work”, as I frequently say, means that here is a delightful creativity deriving its energy precisely from loss of energy: a process that transforms the artist into a perpetual mobile. Co-founder of Starter Gallery in Poznan, PL (www.starter.org.pl), he also runs the small publishing house MORAVA (www.moravabooks.com).


Born 1981 in Poznan/Poland, currently on a residency stay in New York. In September 2008 I graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Poznan, PL. My graduation work – a book de¬scribing my yearly curator/artist project entitled “We Came From Beyond/We Go Far Beyond” – was presented among the best Polish graduation works of 2008 in the field of graphic design. I performed several roles, namely that of the curator, artist, editor, and designer of the book. For close to 5 years now I have been co-responsible for the STARTER Association and Gallery in Poznan. In my work for the As¬sociation and Gallery I take advantage of the experience gained while working for a year in the prestigious White Cube Gallery in London, where I assisted in the organisation of exhibits of, e.g. Candice Breitz or Tracey Emin. I myself took part in over 20 solo and collective shows.