Holly Faurot & Sarah H. Paulson

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FAUROT & PAULSON, clip from "Us, the Divine, and the Homeless", 2009, 1-hour performance, Beijing, China
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FAUROT & PAULSON, clip from "I'll ____ you when I'm out of town", 2009, 2-hour performance, English Kills Art Gallery
Faurot & Sarah H. Paulson
Artist's Statement

We collaborate on performance artworks that focus on movement as a language of basic human interaction. These works serve as non-linear autobiographical documents. The collection & comparison of our shared & unshared personal experiences are translated & re-assessed through the use of multiple videos, chance improvisation, sound, & the choreography of the breakdown of time.

We’d like to share our epiphanies, moments of hopelessness, debauchery, victories, whirlwinds of energy, & secret exchanges through these intimate spectacles. The performances are a celebration & a reminder of everything that can happen all at once. We seek to bring humanness & the body to the public in its most shimmering form, whether it is through a triumphant sensory experience or a grotesque yet celebrated vision of reality.



Holly Faurot and Sarah H. Paulson live and work in Brooklyn, NY. They received their BFAs from Syracuse University in 2002 and have been collaborating for the past 8 years on durational multi-media performance artworks.

Their work has been presented in galleries/venues including Ronald Feldman Fine Arts, NY; NYCAMS (New York Center for Art & Media Studies), NY; The Chocolate Factory Theater, Long Island City, NY; The Harold Clurman Center for New Work in Movement and Dance Theater, NY; English Kills Art Gallery, Brooklyn, NY; Grace Exhibition Space, Brooklyn, NY; P.I.T. (Projects In Transit), Brooklyn, NY; NurtureArt, Brooklyn, NY; Starr Space, Brooklyn, NY; Chez Bushwick, Brooklyn, NY; Alice Chilton Gallery for Performance Art Documentation, Brooklyn, NY; Spark Contemporary Art Space, Syracuse, NY; Open Realization Contemporary Art Gallery, Beijing, China; and Landhaus Feuerlöscher, Prenning, Austria, among others.