Holger Keifel

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Studio Location
Heart - Donor Organs
Kidney - Donor Organs
Pancreas - Donor Organs
Liver - Donor Organs
Cornea - Donor Organs
Artist's Statement

‘Donor Organs’

This project is not about ‘Death’ - it is about ‘saving Lives’.
In 2002, my father had to get a peacemaker, then the photographer Siegfried Himmer, who took me under his wing to teach me about Photography, died in 2003 from a heart attack.
It was very important to me to photograph the actual organs to be transplanted. I wanted to demystify the organs, ‘spare parts’. Once one is dead they are useless except to somebody else.
I photographed the organs either right after they were taken out of a body, or after they were prepared just before they were transplanted.
These photographs were all taken directly in the operating room, (except the ‘corneas’), on sterile cotton or paper sheets from about a 30 inch distance.



1962 born, Ettenheim - Germany

Solo Exhibitions:
2009 Lise Curry Fine Art - The Face of Boxing
2004 The Butler Museum of Contemporary Art / Boxer’s
2002 The Butler Institute of American Art – WTC-Rescue Workers
1996 German Consulate New York – Deutsche in New York

Group Exhibitions:
2009 Brooklyn Museum - Louise Bourgeois
2009 Dean Project - RoCoCoPoP
2007 Dean Project - Guys & Dolls: Seeing Stars (two person show)
2006 Exposed Gallery of Art Photography - 9-11 show
2001-2003 Traveling Exhibition - Here is New York

Brooklyn Museum
The Museum of the City of New York
The Butler Institute of American Art
The Charles M. Schulz Museum