Hiroshi Kumagai

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Artist's Statement

Since the late 1990s, my works has involved in creation of conceptually based sociopolitical portraitures. In 2006 I began utilizing vinyl and images of quintessential American family and popular culture items to address issues on gender roles, the fragility of family dynamics, underlying threads of violence and danger that underpin American society. As a part of ongoing projects, I collect images of people who are engaging online video chat, such as AIM and Skype. I was interested in intimate quality of images of people who are engaging online video chat. I aim to expand on the issue of interpersonal communication in modern days and research how old communication method is being replaced by new technology and how human psyche is affected by the change.
It is also my intention to capture what’s been lost in lost in translation in age of digital communication.


Born: Tokyo, Japan
Live/Work: Jersey City, NJ USA

Solo Exhibition
2009 Gallery Aferro "Publicly Private" Newark, NJ
2007 58 Gallery, “Imposed Sanctity”, Jersey City, NJ
2006 Jersey City Museum at The Majestic, “UKIYO”, Jersey City, NJ

Selected Group Exhibition
2010 Index Art Center "Broken Dialect" Newark, NJ
2008 Walsh Gallery “Painting Process”, South Orange, NJ
2007 58 Gallery, “Bodega Pop”, Jersey City, NJ
2007 Red Saw Gallery “Shame”, Newark, NJ

Awards and Residencies
2008 Puffin Foundation Scholarship Recipient
2007 Lower East Side Printshop Key Holder, New York, NY
2006 New Jersey State Art Council Fellowship, NJ
2004 Brodsky Center (former RCIPP), Prints and Paper Fellowship, New Brunswick, NJ