Hildy Maze

Studio Building
Studio Interior
Studio Location
split open like a seed pod,87x40,triptych,oil on paper collage
resting in that perspective,87x40,triptych,oil on paper collage
begins with firing the bullet,30x35,oil on paper collage
of apprehension u.n.c.e.r.t.a.i.n.t.y doubt,24x89,triptych,oil on paper collage
what if there were no missing pieces,30x35,oil on paper collage
Artist's Statement

Using my experience of passion,aggression,ignorance I delve into, through sign and symbol, the discursive thought patterns & emotions that obscure the recognition of the basic nature of mind which is empty, lucid, all-accommodating space continuously awake and aware. I’m interested in persuading the viewer from the boundaries of the image, to engage with matters beyond what is immediately visible; to relate with who we are as deconstructed,uncreated,i.e. more expansive & gentle than our usual descriptions of ourselves.Everything begins as thought,then manifests as a physical reality. We are not going to fix our world without healing the patterns of thought that are driving the world into its present state.As an artist, perhaps I can put these issues in a new light; to urge us to think differently about what we cling to,what the issues are & what the solutions could be relating to ourselves and the earth.



In 2014 my work was included in 17 exhibitions,notably receiving best in show at the Ceres Gallery,11th National juried exhibition,curated by Lauren Hickson Assistant Curator, Guggenheim Museum, NYC; Koehnline Museum of Art,Des Plaines,IL; Bienniale Roadshow Marfa,Texas 2014 receiving best in show/painting. In 2013 the work was included in 20 shows, notabily Jeffery Leder Gallery, L.I.C.,NY; Brooklyn Waterfront Artist Coalition,Brooklyn,NY; Surmang Foundation, invitational,Bejing,China. 2015 begins with an ongoing exhibition having opened in December 2014 at WAH Center,Williamsburg Art & Historical Center,Williamsburg Brooklyn,NY, and the NAWA Gallery,NYC.