Hideki Fukada

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" PROTOCOL "  Soft Basquiat / Untitled. 1982 - 1983. 2017. Oilstick,colored pencil, crayyon and gouache on cotton paper mounted
Soft Basquiat / Untitled ( Black Devil Head ) 1982, 2017 (Image Only)   oil paint stick, acrylic on canvas  293 x 500 cm
Soft Basquiat / Untitled, 1982   Acrylic, oil paint stick, acrylic on canvas  78 x 60 inches  
Soft Basquiat / Untitled, 1987  II,  2017    acrylic, enamel spray paint, oilstick, metallic paint, ink on canvas    86 x 110 in
Soft Basquiat /  Irony of Negro Policeman 1981,  oil paint stick on paper  31 x 23 inches
Artist's Statement

Currently I am working on remakes of Jean-Michel Basquiat (a series of “Soft Basquiat”). The original images are distorted, and his direct touch of the original paintings is missing. They are a type of mannequin that is expressed through works of Basquiat, which makes his new works different from his originals. It shows a new genre that pays homage to Basquiat while remaining original. Contemporary art rapidly changes of its structure into hybrid forms, allowing contexts to mix complexly. My art also attempts to cross some context in that way.
The scribblings on the wall in the opening scene of "Down by Law" (a 1986 black-and-white independent film) are like the one below.

Life is a limbo dance.
It's a question of where you set down
How low you can set

As for today’s art, there is discretion between the higher and lower. Contemporary art is a type of protocol that works with that discretion, perspective.


Hideki Fukada

1993-1996 Musashino Art University of Fine Arts,Painting Course,Ma, Tokyo, Japan
BFA Sculpture, Rhode Island School of Design, Providence, RI, USA
MA Sculpture, Royal College of Art, London, UK

‘Camden Art Centre / RCA Sculpture Project’, Camden Art Centre, London, UK
‘Khojaly Peace Prize Exhibition’, House of Parliament (Palace of Westminster), London, UK
'RCA Secret 2016’, Kensington Gallery, London, UK
‘Strings’, Project Space, Royal College of Art, London, UK
‘Oxford International Art Fair’, Oxford Town Hall, Oxford, UK
‘Borders are for crossing’, Sculpture Court, University of Edinburg, Edinburg, UK
‘WIP Show’, Royal College of Art, London, UK
'ECA@RCA: Borders are for crossing', Studio RCA, London, UK