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heryk tomassini

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lets get funky tonight (tribute to george clinton), fabric leftovers, acrylic paint on camvas, 72"x48", 2013
caribbean joy, fabric leftovers on wood stretchers, 20"x16", 2014
one of those summers, fabric leftovers on raw canvas, 72"x48", 2013-14
picadillo on paper bag (el bodegon), fabric leftovers, paper bag, gesso 1gal., raw canvasses, dimensions variable. 2014
quinceañero de community center (las vegas cataño), fabric leftovers on wood stretchers, 20"x16", 2014
Artist's Statement

By using the word "Guindalejo" (Puertorrican word that means fringe) and the conceptualization of it as a symbol of layers of oppression and influences, I create a sculptural paintings that reflects the complexities of where I come from. Through the process of collecting discarded fabrics from a mass production factories and hanging up them in canvases, I set up a reflection of the complexities of the multicultural layers brought to Puerto Rico by the imposition and adoption of policies and attitudes as a colony that has not been able to dictate its own landscape.


Heryk Tomassini was born in Santurce, Puerto Rico in 1974 and is living and working in Brooklyn, N,Y. He has been selected to attend to Vermont Studio Center residency program in March, 2015 and his work has been published at the Studio Visit Magazine Volume 21. His arwort is been exhibited, at the Annual Gala of the Museum of Art of Ponce. In 2002 Tomassini participated in the international event PR 02’ [ En ruta] in collaboration with the architectural firm from Finland Casagrande & Rintala, organized by M+M Projects.