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Heather Hart

Studio Building
Studio Interior
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Studio Location
Build-A-Brother Workshop
Uncle Julius' Porch
See Saw
Trading Post IV
Subway Cozy series
Artist's Statement

An object holds a story that is relative and depends wholly on the viewer’s act of reading to give it, and the experience of reading, value. An object’s truth is the unique echo that a viewer may find when reading a re-contextualized object.

I am interested in stirring these echoes, activating these inherited forms. I make environments that direct viewers to become participants. I am interested in generating a memory of an experience, giving the “viewer” some responsibility in the art “viewing” process and creating something that lasts longer than the initial interaction itself. Each participant who engages with my work brings their frame of reference and their ideas to mingle with the environment I have offered as a catalyst. Through play, humor, interaction, and medium, I want to open a conversation that may continue outside of the art piece.


Born in Seattle, Heather Hart was an artist in residence at Skowhegan, Santa Fe Art Institute and at the Whitney ISP and recently received a fellowship from NYFA. Her work has been included in a variety of publications and exhibited worldwide including at Socrates Sculpture Park, Art in General, Rush Arts Gallery, Museum of Art and Craft in Japan, Portland Art Center and inside New York subway cars. She studied at Princeton and received my MFA from Rutgers. Hart lives and works in Brooklyn.