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Hanne H7L

Studio Building
Studio Interior
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Studio Location
Gigi Transparent from Illusion Series
Ver-Anti-Mo from Illusion Series
Star I from Star Series
Drawing Nude Two Men, One Woman from Model Drawing Series
The Onion Universe Installation - Onions in the Sack - Audience Participatory Performance
Artist's Statement

I draw in all media.

My paintings, wire sculptures, collages, manipulated digital prints, etc., are all essentially drawings that I use in my installations.

I often use animals as symbols of nature and partake of the cycle of life and death by using recycled materials whenever possible.

My Wolfman, which you can see gliding through the introduction of my website, is part man, part animal, a composite figure intended to remind us all of our frequently forgotten connection to the natural world.

With modern technology in danger of going too far, I feel there is a great risk of becoming too slick. Even in my digital drawings I try to show the distinctive touch of a human hand, often by juxtaposing or superimposing my Wolfman mark on my work.

All my art is rooted in ecology and is about nature, health and life versus artificiality, disease and destruction.

I strive for a sane and healthy world.


“I draw in all media,” is how Hanne H7L, the New York installation artist, describes the sum of her art.

Whether wielding a paintbrush across an unstretched canvas, twisting steel-wire cable or chicken-wire mesh into sinuous sculptures, running a stylus through handmade materials that may resemble molded mush or wet plaster, arranging miniature maps in graceful mosaic designs on her map collages, or using a computer mouse as a crude implement to accentuate the human feel in her digital photographs, all Hanne’s modes of work involve some manner of drawing and share the qualities of a spontaneous sketch.

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