Hannah Mishin

Studio Building
Studio Interior
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Studio Location
0.002 2009 Graphite and colored pencil on paper 50"x46.5"
0.005 2009 Graphite on paper 60" x 49"
Rhombencecephalon 2009 Oil, wax, and paper on panel 48" x 48"
Prion 2009 Paper, wax and oil on panel 48" x 48"
Accumbens 2009 Oil, paper, and wax on Panel 48" x 32"
Artist's Statement

My work is an attempt to conceptualize an immense idea: the exploration of neurological functions as comprehensive of all that it is to be human. I attempt to capture the struggle between and the fusion of the most basic of these functions: the logical and emotional capacities of the mind. I understand emotion as an organic process, rooted in genetic memory and cemented by culture. The organic qualities within my work represent this organic nature of emotion. I represent logic through simplified artifacts of collaborative rationality, such as mechanical parts and diagrammatic forms. My work extinguishes the exclusivity of these two basic neurological components by subsuming the emotional construct and amorphising the rigidity of the logical. I am interested in the plasticity of the relationship between emotions and logic. Humans exist as a fusion of the two, a dichotomy that I find interesting.


EDUCATION: B. F. A. 2005, Pratt Institute, Brooklyn, NY - EXHIBITIONS: 2009-10: The Exquisite Corpse, Juried Group Show, Rutger's University, Paul Robeson Galleries, Newark, NJ 2007: Playing with Fire, Group Show, Texas Firehouse, Long Island City, NY/ Paintings, Solo Show, Andre Zarre Gallery, New York, NY 2006: 610 Dean, Group Show, Brooklyn, NY 2005: Fabricon, Group Show, Sponsored by the City of Jersey City, Jersey City, NJ - RELATED WORK-2009: Curated exhibition: “Make a Mark of these Lines“, in conjunction with Arts In Bushwick's BETA Spaces, Brooklyn, NY - PUBLIC COLLECTIONS- Office of the President, Mitchell Community College - BIBLIOGRAPHY “The Renascent: Painting: Volume I“, The State of Art: (p. 34, 35), 2005