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guillaume paturel

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Artist's Statement

My pieces are cities, territories, urban landscapes either deserted or under construction.
Being French, living in New York, my city of choice is what feeds my
inspiration: geometry and chaos, order and disorder, verticality and

Still, I do not wish to recreate any city in particular.
The cities represented in my paintings are imaginary.
Fantastical cities nested in the womb or deeply buried memories brought back
to life through the superficial layers: as I create, I become simultaneously
and urbanist and archaeologist.
I think of strategies on how to occupy a territory.

I begin by creating an urban web, a highway network, strictly specific,
methodical, geometrical, to which I add a layer of living matter, more
confusing, gradually dissolving traces of order. As one tries to
regenerate the urban tissue after a Natural catastrophe, my
commitment is to bring the original structure back to life.


Born in Marseille, france.

diploma of ecole des Beaux Arts, Marseille.

diploma of ecole d’architecture Paris la Villette, Paris.

Lives & works in new york city since 2006.