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Gregory Todd Allen

Studio Building
Studio Interior
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Studio Location
here, there 2011 giclee print 18X24
untitled 2011 enamel on board 11X14 (on wallpaper)
up, down, all around 2011 colored pencil on brown paper 8 1/2X11
untitled 2011 enamel on board 18X24
untitled 2011 woven paper 8 1/2X11
Gregory Todd
Artist's Statement

for me,
drawing offers a certain focus,
a practice of connecting to the present moment...
the here & now.
in this moment I rediscover the spark of life,
the energy that flows through everything.
this is the starting point,
the thread I pick up again and again
as I continue ahead deeper on the path..

my recent drawings express
the sensation, the vibration of
the life force that radiates
and connects us all.


gregory todd allen
is an artist and designer
who lives and works
in new york city,
lower east side.

THE GOOD LIFE 10/11 (group show)
454 Gallery
San Francisco, CA