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Greg Allen-Muller

Studio Building
Studio Interior
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Studio Location
2013 "reclining nude holding peach" 35 x 50 x 46 in. vinyl, aluminum, acrylic, urethane
Trash in a Leak in Logic, 2011, 62 x 63 x 25 in. aluminum, aquaresin/fiberglass, enamel, detritus
Nude Caring Peaches, Crosses Room, Dropping Some, 2009, 144 x 96 x 16 in vinyl, wood, aquaresin/fiberglass, oil paint
Landscape and Leak in Logic, 2012, 20 x12 x 17 in plexi, aquaresin, artificial grass, enamel
Re-membering and Re-collecting 68 x 10 x 48 in steel, wood, urethane, plexi, enamel, fiber, epoxy