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Graciela Cassel

Studio Building
Studio Interior
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Studio Location
water wheels-30 x 30 x 9 inches- wood/acrylic/plexiglass
firewheels 30x30 x 9 inches wood/acrylic/ plexiglass
Rainbow-mixed media on rice paper 36 x 25 inches
Robson-silkscreen 14 x 11
Eric's Satie's book 30 x 30 x 10 inches
Artist's Statement

 Interpretations in art

When alluding to an art concept, meanings may vary in gradients according to the spectator. The representation of an image is limited by its placement in certain point in time and space. At the same time the ambiguity of a concept brings more meanings into place. The meaning is multiplied by the person who is creating the object and the one who is deciphering it. The artistry of the artist is to make the pieces work as one format together. It is a real collaboration that can also be seen as an interpretation, a reinvention a part of a collective infra-structure that in its development will make bits and parts come all together at the end. It is at the same time a part of a collective being unique.



1980.     BA in Arts. Post Graduate Courses with:

Eduardo Bendersky, Noe Nojechowiz, Aurelio Macci, Ponciano Cardenas, Ernesto Pesce, Anibal Carreno, Marta Perez Temperley, Graciela Zar, Susana Rodriguez, Wade Schuman, Charles Yoder.