Giovanni Forlino

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"Zebra Pig" 2009 25 x 20'' sumi ink/ watercolor paper
"Easter Moon" 2009 21x 28.5'' pencil, sumi ink, metallic ink, aqua size, silver leaf/ Cave Paper "Cloud Sky", Minnesota
"Dragon Toucan (South meets North)" 2010 22 x 31'' sumi, pearlescent, acrylic and metallic inks, gold and blue mica powder, penc
"The Great Hurly Burly Extravaganza" 2009 25 x 20'' sumi ink, pearlescent, acrylic, and metallic inks/ watercolor paper
"Open Heart" 2009 27 x 22'' sumi ink, acrylic and pearlescent inks, acrylic mediums/ Khadi handmade paper, India
Artist's Statement

I mainly create highly dramatized images of mystical creatures, captured in poses which reflect they are self-realized, caught in a moment of full strength, full self-expression. I also draw geometric mandalas, or closeups of human heads which are also dramatized. My interests in art history and anthropology have fueled a specific interest I have in symbolism (mostly animal symbolism) from Eastern and Western traditions. Lately I'm inspired by Mozart's operas, and also Buddhist sculpture. I just saw an Indian Buddhist sculpture which gave me a fresh perspective on my own work. It was a man, standing strongly on one foot, his entire body graceful and strong. At first glance, he appeared serious and the sculpture was dark. As I saw it from the point of view of that culture, rather than through the filter of my own, I saw that it was a celebration of the body; he was playing with the profoundness of life.


Born July 25, 1984 in Livingston, NJ
Currently lives in Carroll Gardens, Brooklyn
2007 BFA Drawing, Pratt Institute, Brooklyn, New York
2010, Kentler International Drawing Space, Benefit Auction (Brooklyn, NY)
2010, White Box Gallery, "10 x 10's" (New York, NY)
2009, WOLF Magazine Launch Party, Mainzer Strasse 23 (Berlin, Germany)
2008, "Awake," Arts at The InterDependence Project, Group Show (New York, NY)
2006, "Oil Crayon Drawings," Senior Thesis Solo Exhibition, Schafler Gallery (Brooklyn, NY)
2006, "Prints," Group Show, Pratt Institute (Brooklyn, NY)
2004, "Life Drawings," Solo Exhibition, Carroll Gallery (Ridgewood, NJ)
2009, MOUNTAIN, Issue #2, curated by Jackie Johns
2009, WOLF, Issue #1: "Mind Objects: A Phenomenological Inquiry," curated by Jackie Johns
Drawings featured in both issues