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Giorgio Guidi

Studio Building
Studio Interior
Studio Location
Is it just a matter of opinion? 2011
Skull, 2011
Memories of a cut-off hand, 2013
The Rotten Calf, 2015 (detail)
I bei tempi non ci sono mai stati, 2012
Artist's Statement

My work can be considered as an abstract form of lip sync.
Through objects, actions and redundant symbols, I try to reproduce a realistic display of contemporary life acts. Or at least what I remember about them. Memory, in fact, is one of the focal points of my research. I mix and overlay individual and collective memories to create a fragmented discussion with the spectator.
I try to be clinical. I often start from a specific subject, like in the work is it just a matter of opinion (2011), which started with a consideration about the financial crisis and ended up addressing the possibility of social change through a better understanding of personal values. All done through a process of explaining rebellion as a way to free the human spirit. As a highly recognizable architectural reference, the work becomes its own thing separated from what it represents.



Solo shows
Grit, Fama Gallery, Verona, curated by Matteo Pollini (IT)
Draok - Krypta, Soloway, New York City (NY)
Short-Visit, Milano, curated by Paola Gallio and Davide Tomaiuolo (IT)
Group shows
Beautiful Life, PAUL NACHE Gallery, Auckland (NZ)
Scenari di Terra, MART Museum Rovereto, (IT)
London Biennale Pollination in Las Vegas, curated by David Medalla,(NV)
Exhibiting Museums, Artissima 2012, Torino (IT)
NIE DIEU NIE MATRE, Massimo de Luca Gallery, Venice (IT)
LUCIE FONTAINE : ESTATE, Marianne Boesky Gallery, New York (NY)
Bazaar, Soloway Gallery, Brooklyn (NY)
Mostra Workshop 2010-2011, Fondazione Bevilacqua La Masa, Venice, curated by Stefano Coletto (IT)